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Leda is located in town of Korčula, on the Island of Korčula, Croatia (geo location: N42° 57' 0.666", E17° 8' 55.176" ), which positions her in the perfect relation and on the major route that runs between all Adriatic ports.


Founded earlier that year, from late 2000, Leda manufactured sections for Brodotrogir d.d., various equipment for Viktor Lenac d.d. and Brodosplit d.d. shipyards, as well as repaired smaller sail boats and yachts.

  • has 70 years of tradition in shipbuilding
  • has cooperated with MacGregor Navire for nearly 30 years in building hatch covers for, and under the license of MacGregor
  • has a 30-year concession for the yard, awarded by the government of the Republic of Croatia in October 2011
  • is a mid-sized shipyard that has a history of producing predominantly steel vessels (steel hull / steel superstructure), but also combo-metal vessels (steel hull / Aluminum superstructure)
  • is able to construct vessels of full aluminum hull and superstructure
  • has a history of building non-shipbuilding projects

From that moment on Leda had successfully built 26 multi-purpose vessels and a number of casco parts for Dutch ship-owners, mainly for Royal Dutch Wagenborg1, in their fleet of more than 200 vessels.


Leda’s ideal strategic location in the Adriatic can easily be observed. The fact that it is positioned cca. 220 nmi from Strait of Otranto and cca. 260 nmi from Venice, makes Leda geographically and practically, the navel of the Adriatic.


The distances between Leda shipyard and major Adriatic ports and their main characteristics, are presented herewith:


  • 31 nmi W from Ploče, Croatia, EU (the biggest freight port in this part of the Adriatic, door to Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia and beyond)
  • 46 nmi WNW from Dubrovnik, Croatia, EU (passenger, RoPax, cruise ferry, harbour and a marina; one of major Adriatic destinations for cruise ships; one of the biggest global tourist destinations)
  • 64 nmi SE from Split, Croatia, EU (by far the biggest passenger, RoPax and cruise ferry port in the Adriatic in terms of volume of passengers transported; several marinas)
  • 93 nmi WNW from Tivat, Montenegro (Porto Montenegro; the newest, the biggest and most luxurious superyacht marina in the Adriatic)
  • 100 nmi NW from Bar, Montenegro (important container terminal, RoPax port, and marina; door to Montenegro, Serbia and Kosovo; actively engaged in Marco Polo II program)
  • 113 nmi NNE from Bari, Italy, EU (the largest Italian ferry port by the volume of passengers transported; important cruise ship terminal)
  • 119 nmi SE from Zadar, Croatia, EU (second biggest passenger, RoPax and cruise ferry port by volume of passengers in Croatia, the third in the Adriatic; number one port in number of calls in the Adriatic, totaling at 17.000 per year; has a total of 6 terminals with one terminal specialized in supplying offshore oil rigs; fully rebuilt in 2014)
  • 145 nmi NW from Durrës, Albania (largest port of Albania with ferry, dry cargo, general cargo and container terminals; door to Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and beyond)
  • 167 nmi ESE from Ancona, Italy, EU (European major “Geteway to the East” harbor with large RoPax, cruise ship and container terminals; major marina in this part of the Adriatic; currently undergoing major renovation to broaden its capacity)
  • 215 nmi SE from Rijeka, Croatia, EU (Croatia’s biggest freight terminal, door to Northern Croatia, Hungary and the rest of the Eastern Europe; member of NAPA1)
  • 250 nmi SE from Koper, Slovenia, EU (the biggest cargo port in the Adriatic – four time bigger than Ploče and Rijeka combined – with dedicated: container, RoPax, general cargo, fruit, timber, minerals, cereals & fodder, alumina, energy, liquid cargo, livestock and cruise terminals; the only port of Slovenia; door to Slovenia, Austria and the rest of the region of Central Europe; member of NAPA)
  • 252 nmi SE from Trieste, Italy, EU (draughts up to 18 m; more than 20 well equipped specialized terminals; excellent connection to Northern Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland and beyond; member of NAPA)
  • 262 nmi SE from Venice, Italy, EU (one of Europe’s top ports for break bulk and project cargo traffic; major global tourist destination; Mediterranean’s leading home port for cruise ships; Motorways of the Seas terminal2; the only port with an inland waterway connection along river Po valley; member of NAPA)

Leda’s ideal strategic location in the Adriatic can easily be observed. The fact that it is positioned cca. 220 nmi from Strait of Otranto and cca. 260 nmi from Venice, makes Leda geographically and practically, the navel of the Adriatic.



The total area of the yard is approximately 78.016 m2, (cca. 52.700 m2 land and cca. 21.000 m2 marine) including 25.300 m2 of outer work platforms, and 9.500 m2 of inner, well equipped (cranes, cutters, welding machines, etc.), closed and protected workshops.

The yard has a slipway measuring 140 meters on land and another 60 meters under water. The maximum width of the vessel on the slipway is 22 meters.

The area of the main working platform measures 4.500 m2 and is serviced by a crane with a capacity of 2 x 50 t.

The workshops used for production of sections, measuring in total 3.700 m2 covered and 1.400 m2 uncovered working space and supported by various cranes in the range of 5 to 50 t.

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